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Winning At Home with Randy Gravitt

Thank you for listening to The Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! Have you ever felt distracted at home by what’s going on at work? Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to succeed at work and home? Today, we are joined by Randy Gravitt to discuss his new book, “Winning Begins at Home,” and how you can create a life and legacy that you are proud of.

About Randy Gravitt

Randy Gravitt is an accomplished leader who has made it his career to help other leaders increase their capacity, reach their potential, and grow their businesses. He is a speaker, leadership coach, and author of “Winning Begins at Home.” His work inspires leaders to live authentically and with integrity.

Why did you write the book?

When I’m at work, I want to be at work. It’s easy to be at work and be distracted. We’re so tethered to our phones, and our work is so connected to our lives that it’s hard to separate the two. This book will help families develop a strategy for success and be present wherever they are.

What is the definition of success?

Our definition of success is often based on what someone else says it should be: our boss, manager, client, or parent. Push out to your 80th birthday party, and you’re with your friends, family, husband, wife, and some coworkers. What would you want them to say? For me, regret would be not having the intention or strategy to see that event play out how I imagined it. I can live with disappointment if things don’t work out. But I don’t want to live with regret because I lacked the right vision or strategy.

Q: How would you define success at work? How would you define success at home? Are the two compatible? Why or why not? How can you align your goals so they support each other?

Conquering the Avoidance Mentality

People can avoid home because the work of parenting and maintaining a marriage is uncomfortable. Hope is not a strategy for high performance, and it’s not a strategy for families, either. You want to have a way to build your family. Families that last aren’t built fast, but they are built. It must be built, and it must be led. 

How to Find A Mentor

Mentors allow you to open up to someone who can speak into your situation and help you realize you’re not alone. You can find great mentors in your community and small groups, but you can also read books by successful people and learn from them that way.

Balance Family and Work

If you can’t win at home, why are you trying to win at work? Why are you working so hard? If you’re not careful, you can create a culture where you value the wrong thing. You can never really balance work and family; that’s a myth. There is always going to be tension. We’re spending more awake time at work than you are with your kids. Success begins with being present where you are.

What traits help people create a strong home?

You have to be more interested in their heart than just behavior modification. That takes time and conversations. Proximity is not the same thing as intimacy. You can spend hours a day with someone without real connection and intimacy. Successful families have a plan for pursuing heart connection at home.

Why “It’s a busy season” is not sustainable.

Seasons cannot become patterns. You need to think about how to build both sustainably. Be careful not to hitch your wagon to someone whose values and goals do not align with yours. If all they’re doing is extracting value, you have to have a conversation about how to help you align your goals with the company’s goals. If your team wins outside of work, they’re better at work!

Q: Describe a busy season in your life. How did you conclude that season and return to a more regular schedule? What signified the end of the season? How can you ensure that all busy seasons come to an end? What rhythms can you use to help you succeed even when life is busy?

Application Activity: 

  1. Randy mentioned using a specific stop sign on his way to/from work to shift from home to work and work to home. Decide on a physical sign or cue you can use to shift gears between your home and work mentally. Commit to consciously redirecting your thoughts after you pass that sign.

  2. Answer these questions for yourself. If you feel brave, ask your family and employees for honest feedback! What’s it like to be led by me at home? What’s it like to be led by me at work? What prevents you from leading and loving the way you want to? Check out “Winning Begins at Home” to help you identify strategies that will help you lead your home and workplace with authenticity and integrity.

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