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Sales Academy

Why Sales Academy?

Say goodbye to losing business to the company down the road and say hello to meeting and exceeding your profit goals.

With 25 years of sales experience, as both an individual contributor and executive sales leader, Jeff brings industry experience and time-tested strategies into his trainings. His techniques have been proven to help you increase the size of your business by enhancing your closing ratios. 

  • Are your sales closing rates consistently not meeting your expectations?

  • Do you find yourself getting frustrated as buyers use your sales team as quote machines?

  • Do you find that inferior competitors are stealing your business?

What Will You Learn?

The Sales Academy will take your organization through every step of a proper sales cycle. From the initiation of the first prospecting call to closing the sale, Jeff will teach your salespeople how to effectively appeal to their prospect’s business objectives and buying motives.

The Sales Academy comes with a heavy amount of role playing to allow for practice and live coaching. 

  • How to identify their ideal clients

  • How to gain more activity through phone prospecting.

  • A thorough review of the steps necessary to get from first appointment to closing.

  • The secret questions that will uncover buying motives and business objectives.

  • How to deliver an effective sales presentation.

  • Objection handling techniques that work

  • Closing / trial closing techniques

  • Obtaining referrals

Performance Management

Why Performance Management?

A major part of Performance Management is setting clear expectations through uncomfortable conversations.

Setting expectations is the first step of performance management and is part of all good people management. It creates a culture of engagement and allows the leader to earn the right to hold people accountable. Seven out of ten employees are not actively engaged when managers don’t hold them accountable for performance. 


Do you ever find yourself wishing for a higher level of engagement on your team?

Performance Management is a 1-day immersive, coach-led session where participants receive the training necessary for performance management and accountability to be embraced rather than dreaded. 

What Will You Learn?

At the foundation of the course is our information and techniques surrounding the different types and uses of feedback. This is the foundation for participants to not only learn new information but also put into action tangible changes to develop their performance management plan. 


The information and techniques taught will lead to an understanding of why feedback is a gift.

  • How to identify issues that require a conversation

  • How to build confidence for when a tough discussion is required.

  • The 4 types of feedback and knowing when you use each.

  • The Situation/Behavior/Impact Technique and how to execute it.

  • The 5 questions every leader must know to give swift and immediate feedback.

Navigating the Leadership Journey

Why Navigating the Leadership Journey?

A major part of the Leadership Journey is learning to value the people at your organization.

Research has found after surveying thousands of employees that 70% of their workplace engagement rides on the relationship with their direct supervisor. We also know that engaged employees are productive employees. So, the effectiveness of your leadership greatly affects your bottom line. 


What is the best way to increase the effectiveness of your leaders?

Navigating the Leadership Journey is a 1-day immersive, trainer-led session where participants receive the training necessary to:

What Will You Learn?

At the foundation of the course is our information and techniques surrounding the 5 levels of leadership. For each level, we will discuss beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets, best practices, and develop an action plan. 


The information and techniques taught will lead to an understanding of how to grow your own leadership capacity to better influence your team.

  • To demonstrate the competencies needed to grow as a leader.

  • To identify who you are as a leader and what your current leadership level is.

  • How to understand what motivates you and your people.

  • How to train and mentor your staff.

  • How to establish deliberate habits successful leaders use to grow on a daily basis.



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