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My journey began as a child growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania. I was the child of two parents who were never able to work a single day of my life. My mother battled a disease called lupus, and my father had to deal with the many setbacks of severe osteoarthritis. These conditions left them both medically disabled and unable to be employed.

To say the very least, this made life pretty challenging. Between experiencing financial hardships and spending the better half of my childhood in hospital rooms, I knew I wanted things to be different for me. I wanted to provide a life for my family that was different, and I also wanted to provide a more comfortable life for my parents.

After Serving in the United States Army, I began my career as a blue-collar worker at a large corporation. Since accepting that position, I have been promoted 10 times, and I have achieved advanced leadership positions at a Fortune 500 company. During my pursuit of success, I have achieved financial stability and received many accolades. However, there has been no greater thrill than making those around me better. The road to success was not an easy one to travel. I encountered many challenges and setbacks along the way. However, I was able to combine hard work, strategy, great coaching and training to achieve success.

What started as a dream to change my own life soon became a dream to help change the lives of others. I realized that being a leader was a way to accomplish this. I have found great satisfaction in helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. I want my legacy to be that I made a positive impact on multitudes of people by helping them realize their fullest potential.

After 23 years in corporate America and several entrepreneurial ventures, I am now 100% focused on using my acquired skills and strategies to fill the gaps in your leadership development strategy and ensure that you reach your fullest potential.

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