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The Champion Forum Podcast

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Thank you for listening to The Champion Forum Podcast! Today's episode will look slightly different because I want to honor my co-host Lem as he joins us for his final episode. You will often hear me say that great leaders don't lead with their title; they lead with influence. As I thank Lem for his past two years with the show, I want to show you just what has made him so valuable, not just behind the mic but also behind the scenes. The qualities that made him an excellent co-host for this show are the same qualities you will want to see in your team and exhibit in your own life.

1. Think big for others

One of your goals as a leader should be to help others reach their full potential. Influential leaders have high aspirations for the people around them. They see and cultivate the abilities that even an individual may not recognize in themself.

Q: How do you feel when someone has faith in you that is greater than your faith in yourself? Describe a person who does this for you. What is your relationship like? How have they made you better? Do you think that you are good at thinking big for others? Why or why not?

2. Be passionate

Leaders who have a positive, passionate attitude are magnetic. Passion produces energy and can ignite others' enthusiasm. A positive attitude can benefit both you and those around you, so liking what you do and being passionate can impact others and encourage them to stay focused and productive. If you care deeply about something, your team is likely to care as well. Share your excitement with your people.

Q: How can you tell when people are passionate? Describe a time when someone's passion was contagious. Do you think your team or business needs some fresh passion? Why or why not?

3. Believe in those around you!

When a person knows someone believes in them, it can help motivate them to achieve more. Regularly and sincerely tell your people that you believe in their work and praise them when they achieve something big. You should also support your team members by speaking out on their behalf and offering to help when you recognize a need.

Q: Think of a person who believes in you. What makes you sure that they believe in you? How have they helped you succeed?

Application Activities:

  1. How would you rate your current passion and attitude on a scale of 1-10? What would it look like for you to outwardly express your inner passion? Spend some time thinking about this and develop a way to express your passion to your employees this week! Some possible examples include celebrating a recent success, telling a story about how the work you and your team are doing is impacting lives, or even just committing to smile and say hello to everyone you pass by in the office.

  2. One mistake people make is waiting to thank and recognize other people until they are gone. Don't let that be you! Take some time this week to write a note to the family of someone on your team expressing how thankful you are for them. People expect to get a thank you note from time to time, but writing a letter to their family will stand out even more.

  3. How do you honor your leaders when they leave your organization? When people move on to the next opportunity, how you respond communicates to your other employees and team members how you will react if/when they leave. If you're unsure, talk to a coworker about the last few people who left your organization. Was their response positive or negative? Of course, every situation is different, but you should always do your best to send off employees respectfully, both publicly and privately.


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