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The Champion Forum Podcast

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Thank you for listening to The Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! What do you do when you feel like you aren’t moving toward your goals fast enough? Trust me when I say that I’ve been there, too. Growing up in extreme poverty, I could barely picture what it would be like to have a stable family life, let alone a 20-year corporate career and my own business! In today’s episode, I’m sharing five things you can do when you are feeling discouraged to help reignite your passion to accomplish your dreams.

We’ll talk about everything from mindset to goal setting. Whether you need some encouragement to finish the year strong or you’re getting a head start on goal setting for next year. I know this episode is going to give you the strategies you need to achieve your dreams.

1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The only way to know that you are reaching your goals is to be clear on what you are trying to accomplish. My favorite way to set goals is by using the S.M.A.R.T. method of goal setting.

S - Is it specific?

M - Is it measurable?

A - Is it attainable?

R - Is it relevant?

T - Is it timely?

2. Take Calculated Risks

Many people never achieve their dreams because they refuse to try! The higher you set your sights, the scarier the prospect of failure can be, but you will never know what the results would have been if you never try.

3. Mindset

Mindset is about more than just being positive. If you want to succeed, you have to tell yourself the right story in your mind. What you think and say about yourself matters! Part of having a great mindset is getting around people who will remind you of the greatness that is inside you. They will help you believe in yourself when you are feeling defeated. You may not see it now, but you need to speak over yourself even when others may not. Life and death come from the power of the tongue. Who do you say that you are?

4. Keep failure in perspective.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Instead of allowing failure to define you, focus on what you can learn from the experience. The lessons you learn through your failures can help you become even more successful in the long run.

5. Set Boundaries

Sometimes you have to say no. Even if you have the most amazing time-management skills, you cannot agree to say yes to everyone who asks you to take on a project or attend an event. The opportunities will always outweigh the hours in a day.

You also have to set boundaries with yourself. As much as you want to chase after your own goals, you must recognize when it is time to take some time off and rest or spend time with your family.

Application Activities:

  1. The end of the year is a great time to update your goals! Choose one of your goals for next year. If you really want a challenge, think about a goal that you have set in the past but never achieved. Work through the SMART goals framework and commit to seeing that goal come to pass! If you need help with this process, check out our full episode on SMART goals HERE.

  2. Part of having a positive mindset is learning how to reframe your failures. Think about the last time you failed at something. How did you feel? What happened? Now, think about what you learned from it. How have you changed since that time? What do you think would have happened if you had not failed? As you go through these questions, focus on the positive impact the experience had on your life. Remember that failing does not make you a failure!

  3. Do you struggle to set boundaries? If you’re not sure, answer these three questions.

1. Did you use all of your vacation days this year? (If you are self-employed, did you take at least two weeks off?)

2. What would you do if you had to take off work tomorrow? How would you feel?

3. When was the last time you said no?

One of the ways companies can measure health is by looking at whether their employees are taking all of their time off or if they have many unused days at the end of the year. If you haven’t used your vacations days, it is a good sign that you are overbooked or that you are not taking enough time for yourself and your family. Look at your answers to the other questions. If you find that you are stressed out by these answers, you likely are too busy! Challenge yourself to take a day off or delegate a project that is currently on your plate.


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