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With a current national turnover rate of 57% this year (2021), businesses need to be doing more than ever to attract and retain their top talent. Many businesses think their work is done when the candidate signs the offer, but they ignore a crucial variable: the counteroffer. If you want a candidate to work for you, their current company probably wants them to stay on their staff! Today, Jeff discusses how to prepare your candidate for the counteroffer and improve your odds of retaining your recruit. You’ll get practical insights, sample conversations, and a look into one of Jeff’s top sales trainings. Companies often make two major mistakes when they reach the final portion of the hiring process: Mistake #1 They fail to prepare for a counteroffer. Businesses will stop recruiting when they have a candidate sign their offer. Do not stop recruiting until that person is in their seat, doing the job! Mistake #2 They fail to prepare the candidate for the counteroffer. Emotions are high when an employee decides to quit, and when it is a good employee, employers are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them on staff. Instead of hoping for the best, you should take a proactive approach by preparing your candidate for the counteroffer. 4 Tips for Preparing Your Candidate for a Counteroffer

  1. Address the elephant in the room. Talk about what it will be like to tell their boss that they are quitting.

  2. Ask lots of questions. How will your boss feel? How will you feel? How would you respond if they said XYZ?

  3. Point out the main reasons that your candidate was looking for a new job and remind them that they cannot get those things at the other company.

  4. Empathize.

Application Activities:

  1. Evaluate your hiring process. Are your hires usually disgruntled with their previous employers? Or are they satisfied but looking for new opportunities? If your hiring process does not give you an opportunity to discover this information, talk to your HR department and or hiring manager.

  2. Practice roleplaying these scenarios with your own coworkers and employees. Remember, the best way to handle an objection is with a great presentation!

  3. Are you dissatisfied with your current hiring process? Sometimes the best way to improve a process is to get an outside opinion! Send us an email at to discuss how we can help you improve your HR and recruiting processes.

OCTOBER 21, 2021


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