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TCFP188: Is TikTok Right For My Business? With Austin Armstrong

Thank you for listening to the Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! Do you ever wonder if you're missing something by not being a part of TikTok? If you're an entrepreneur or marketer, you'll love this conversation with TikTok expert Austin Armstrong! Today we're talking about who can use TikTok, simple tips to getting started, and common misconceptions.

About Austin Armstrong

Austin has been monetizing his social media since he was on MySpace at 14 years old and currently has over 1.1 million total followers. He is the CEO of Socialty Pro (an organic SEO & TikTok full-service marketing agency), a speaker, TikTok expert, and podcast host.

How does TikTok Work?

The more time you spend on the app, the more TikTok gets to know what you like. It's looking at how long you watch and whether you like, follow, or comment so they can send you more videos you're interested in. When using TikTok for business, you want to create content that makes people interact.

Isn’t TikTok for GenZ?

While you might see a younger demographic creating content, there are 140M monthly active users on TikTok in the US alone. The people who are not creating content are the ones who are watching, and that includes business owners! For example, @realscottsims talks about medicare enrollment for 65+, and he has 140k followers. Regardless of your niche, your target demographic is likely on TikTok!

How do I create content?

Quantify your expertise into 3-4 broad categories. These categories could include your service, common pain points, testimonies, FAQ, etc. You can also use a keyword research tool like to learn what people are typing into search engines and which topics you can target.

One way to create videos is to use a quick hook followed by three points and one call to action. Don't go too deep into any one topic. It's better to keep things simple and actionable than to overwhelm people, no matter how good your content is.

To create content people like to watch, pay attention to your viewing habits. What makes you scroll away from a video? Why do you watch certain videos all the way through? What catches your attention? Apply those same principles to the videos you create.

TikTok Is a Search Engine?

TikTok is the number one search engine for GenZ, above Google! That means that your content needs to be searchable. Hashtags are good, but it's even more important to have a keyword-rich description so people can find your content when they are looking for it.

Is it Too Late to Get Started?

Nobody is late to TikTok. The platform is still very new, so don't overthink it! If you get started, you're already ahead of 99% of people. When you start, commit to 30 days. It will build the content muscle for you and help you fail faster, so you learn what your audience is interesting to your audience. Consistency will also help you build and keep momentum.

How to Repurpose Content:

When you repurpose, you post one video on several social media platforms. Many people will use their TikTok videos on other platforms. The best way to do this, because every platform prefers original content, is to use a website like Copy and paste your video's URL into the website, and then you can download it without a TikTok watermark and upload it to your other social platforms.

Practical Tips:

  • You can film your videos vertically or horizontally. Vertical videos fill the screen completely, but if you are already filming horizontally for YouTube, you can reuse those videos too.

  • Use hashtags on TikTok that are very specific to your audience. Don't use hashtags like #fyp or #viral.

  • Don't introduce yourself. Just get to the topic at hand.

  • Make your videos as long as they need to be but as short as possible. Videos that are 45-60 seconds long and have a high completion rate are more likely to go viral.

Application Activities:

For Entrepreneurs and Marketers:

Is your business using TikTok? Why or why not? If you don't have a TikTok strategy in place, talk to your team about committing to create content for one month to see how it goes. Start by asking what 3-4 areas of expertise you have and creating 10-12 ideas under each area. Then, choose someone to be your brand's face (or maybe voice). Finally, set aside time each week to batch content for the following week. As you go, continue to add in the other tips Austin mentioned and watch the effect it has on your brand!

If your company already has a TikTok, evaluate what you are doing and how it aligns with Austin's advice. If you are unsure whether his suggestions will help your brand, commit to trying them for 30 days and see what impact it has.

For Other Employees: Whether you personally love TikTok or hate it, the platform has a lot to offer for every business! Look at your business's TikTok (if they have one). Is it relevant? Is the content eye-catching? If not, this is an excellent opportunity to lead up and add value to the organization, either with your feedback or even by volunteering to help set it up! If you are in your organization's ideal demographic, you may be able to help provide insight as to why they should consider TikTok or improve their success.

Connect With Austin Armstrong

All Social Media Channels: @socialtpro

Podcast: BusinessTok


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