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Thank you for listening to The Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! Have you finished your year-end review? Reviewing your performance at work is just as important as reviewing your budget and personal health, but many people rush through the process. Often they see a year-end review as just a review of past events. Really, it is an opportunity to recognize patterns and themes in your life and leadership so that you can better shape your future. In today’s episode, Jeff will show you five ways that you can make the most of the year-end review and set yourself up for a successful 2022!

1. Make a list of the accomplishments that make you feel the proudest.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the positive things that happened during the year. Focusing on your wins will help you build confidence and create momentum as you enter the new year.

2. Make a list of five things you wish you had done this year but did not.

Taking note of where you fell short will help you recognize where you need to grow this year. Do not just write it off as a miss. Reflect on why you fell short. Was your goal unrealistic? Did you give up because it was hard? Then ask yourself what you will change to get around to them this year.

3. What do you need to get rid of?

What keeps you from being your best? The end of the year is a great opportunity to evaluate what you need to stop doing. There is always pain when you leave something behind, so let it hurt now! Let the new year be a fresh start and a time where you value your own time and your peace.

4. Give heartfelt gratitude to your biggest champions.

As a leader, your success is determined by the people around you. Think about those who helped you achieve your goals on both a large and small scale. Both matter! What gets recognized gets repeated, so take the time to reflect on their contributions and acknowledge them.

5. What did you learn?

Learning is the catalyst for growth. Leaders will often value their success more than the lessons they learned. However, when you step back and look at the challenges you faced, you can learn how you grew through them and become more informed and resilient.

Application Activities:

  1. Thank the people who have helped you this year. Challenge yourself to thank at least ten people before the end of the year. If you need some suggestions, start here:

    1. Thank someone who stepped in to help when you were at a loss as to how to solve a problem.

    2. Thank someone who listened to your ideas and offered suggestions that improved them.

    3. Thank someone who brought a potentially challenging situation to your attention.

  1. Declutter your time. In this episode, we talked about looking at what you need to stop doing. Over the first week or two of the year, conduct a time audit. Write down everything you do, both at work and at home, and think about what you could delegate or stop doing. You might find that you started a volunteer position that is no longer a good fit or that you are wasting time on social media. Conducting the time audit will help you better see where you are using your time and identify the habits and roles you need to correct to make room for your purpose.

  2. Make a commitment to prioritizing learning in 2022. We talked about recognizing the lessons you learn through challenges, but you also need to prioritize intentional learning. Think about four things you want to learn this year and commit to reading (or listening to) a book on one topic per quarter of the year.

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