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Thank you for listening to the Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! Did you know that understanding how to copywrite can help you succeed in business and in leadership? I didn’t either until I met Abigail Condon, my copywriter. She has helped me learn how to attract my audience’s attention and create engagement in my business. In today’s episode, I talk to her about how you can apply the principles of copywriting to succeed in business and leadership as well.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take some form of action, such as make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation.

Who needs a copywriter?

You need a copywriter when you want to persuade your audience to take action. When you hire a copywriter or even a content writer really depends on how comfortable you are writing for yourself and convincing people to act. If you are not confident, I would recommend hiring a copywriter as the first thing you outsource. Usually, copywriters and content writers are hired by business owners, though you can also use them for building a personal brand. Q: Have you ever interacted with someone who could not clearly explain what they wanted you to do? How did that make you feel? Can you think of a brand or a person that does a good job communicating to their audience? What do you think makes them successful?

Should leaders be transparent on social media?

A lot of people shy away from being transparent in leadership and on social media. You have to remember that vulnerability is a big part of how you cause your audience to know you, like you, and trust you. If this is unfamiliar to you, try moving the line of what you share publicly just a little more toward vulnerability. You can do this by talking about past situations that you have overcome instead of sharing the details of what you are going through right now.

Q: Describe a time when a leader was vulnerable with you. How did it make you feel? How did it affect your relationship? Do you find it easy to be vulnerable? Why or why not?

What do people get wrong when communicating online?

People tend to either try to communicate too many things or they try to communicate their one goal to too many people. It’s really beneficial for leaders to spend time deciding exactly what it is that they want to say. That way you can call out the exact emotions that resonate with your clients and you build trust. For example, if you are trying to appeal to people who are frustrated in their work environments, don’t use the word “sad.” You should also avoid using words that your ideal audience would not understand. For example, if you are not talking to businesspeople, you should avoid acronyms that only people would understand, like KPI.

Q: What makes you want to trust someone? Describe a time when someone earned your trust. What did they do? How did they make you feel? Did you ever regret trusting them? Why or why not?

Application Activities:

  1. Find your voice! Even if you feel like anyone could do the work you do with the right job knowledge, no one can do your work the way you do because they do not have your unique personality and experience. To practice finding your voice, challenge yourself to journal for just five minutes every day. Write about what you did, how you felt, a challenge you faced--anything that interests you. At the end of the week, look back at your writing and answer these questions. Do you feel like there are any parts of your personality that you expressed in writing that you do not regularly express in front of others? How can you integrate what you wrote into the way you present yourself publicly?

  2. What are some industry-specific words that you use in your business? Write them down and then write down how you could explain them to an outsider. Try out your explanations on your spouse or a friend you do not work with. Take their feedback and refine your definitions. Make sure that you are not explaining your industry-specific word with another industry-specific word!

  3. Do you have an online presence? This is a great way to practice creating influence and building your personal brand. Today, think about something that you want people to do. If you own your own business, maybe you want to get people to visit your website! Maybe you want to learn what your friends and relatives want as gifts for the holidays. Pick an objective and create a post to try to elicit a response. Make sure that you tell your audience exactly what you want them to do and create a creative, eye-catching opening so that they read your content! The more you do it, the easier it will come. Message @abigail.condon on Instagram if you need some inspiration!

Connect with Abigail:

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