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TCFO12: Overcoming Setbacks

Thank you for listening to the Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! Every leader has experienced a setback at some point or another. Setbacks are a natural part of taking risks and stepping into new opportunities. However, some leaders are paralyzed by the fear of setbacks. In this episode, Jeff explains six steps that you can take to overcome any setback. Whether you are currently experiencing a setback or you want to prepare so that you are not overwhelmed when setbacks happen, this episode is for you.

  1. Expect Setbacks

    • Setbacks are normal. Everyone will experience a setback at some point.

    • Fear of failure or a setback is not a good reason to keep yourself from trying.

    • Setbacks are opportunities for personal growth and development.

  1. Set Time Limits for Disappointment

    • Being disappointed is a natural response.

    • Accept the emotion and then let it go.

    • Holding on to disappointment will keep you from moving forward and fulfilling the purpose of your life.

  1. Less Emotion, More Information

    • Objectively look at your situation and see what you can learn from it.

    • Find a trusted mentor to talk to about the situation.

  1. Rely on the “What Now” Moment

    • The “What Now” moment is a moment where you

  1. Learn What Must Be Learned

    • People who are successful have a willingness to learn.

    • If you don’t have a mentor, find a mentor. Find books, podcasts, articles, and other resources to help you be more prepared for the next opportunity.

  1. Manage Your Internal Thoughts

    • Take control of your negative thoughts.

    • Give yourself credit for doing important work and trying something new.

    • Remember that it’s not who you ARE that holds you back, it’s who you SAY you are.

    • Take inventory of past wins, skills, passions that fuel your desire to win. Set a fire in your heart to remind you that your success is about something bigger than you.

    • Get a fire! When you have it, you will not let hell or high water keep you from your

    • Make it about something that is bigger than you

Q: What step in overcoming a setback has been the easiest for you to practice? What step has been the hardest?

Q: What is your “why”? What is it that “lights a fire in you”? How has knowing your why helped you overcome setbacks?

Q: Share one setback that you have experienced and what you learned through the situation with your mentor. Ask your mentor if there is anything else that they can see that you could learn from your situation. If you are going over this guide with your team, share as much as you are comfortable.

Application Activities

  1. Think about the last time you passed up an opportunity because you were afraid to fail. Evaluate your feelings leading up to the decision and your feelings when you decided to avoid the risk. Now think about the last time you accepted an opportunity despite the risks. What was different about that situation? Did you have a different support system? Were you in a different position? Based on those experiences, make a list of things that you need to have in place so that you are comfortable taking risks and pushing yourself to accomplish greater and greater things, despite the potential for a setback.

  2. Taking into account the steps presented in this episode, brainstorm a list of ways that you can support your employees or team members when they take a risk. How can you support your team if their risk results in disappointment? Get a plan in place now so that you are prepared to lead your team through a setback.

  3. What helps you manage your internal thoughts? If you have not already, consider making a vision board so that you can keep your vision and purpose at the front of your mind at all times. Add inspirational quotes or mantras that remind you of who you are and what keeps you going.

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