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TCF007: Visionary Leadership

Thank you for listening to the Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher! As a leader, you are constantly looking for ways to achieve your dreams. Your vision is your number one priority!

In this episode, Jeff lays out five things that you must do to become an effective visionary leader. From writing the vision to executing the vision to getting people to buy into the vision, this episode will help you learn how to use your vision to better lead your team and get superior results.

1. Write the vision for your team.

  • Writing your vision allows you to have a quick reference to the standards and goals of your team or organization and hold people accountable to them.

  • Writing a vision forces you to look months, years, or even decades into the future.

  • Writing your vision will keep you focused.

Q: What is the vision statement for your organization or team? How does the vision statement affect how you operate day-to-day? If it doesn’t affect how you operate day-to-day, what changes might need to be made to that vision statement?

2. Live in the now, but look to the future.

  • Keep the long-term vision in mind while making sure you don’t neglect the daily decisions it will take to get there.

Q: Which is easier for you: to focus on day-to-day tasks or to look at the big picture?

3. Connect your vision with execution

  • Without a plan, you will have no way to achieve your goals.

  • To be a strong visionary leader, you need to know where you are going and exactly how you will get there.

  • Your plan should be realistic, but also stretch everyone on your team to work at their greatest potential.

Q: Do you have a plan in place to achieve your vision? How can you stretch your team while ensuring they do not get overwhelmed or frustrated?

4. Reinforce your message with enthusiasm.

  • The vision should be delivered ad-nauseam with high energy.

  • Your enthusiasm will ignite passion in your team members.

  • Your enthusiasm will keep you focused on reinforcing the vision.

  • Your enthusiasm will keep people focused on the goal, even when it requires hard work or when you are faced with a challenge or setback.

Q: What about your vision or your company’s vision gets you excited? How do you communicate that enthusiasm with your team?

5. Stay committed, but be willing to adjust.

  • If you back off from the vision, it will cause other people to lose faith in your dream.

  • It may take time to convince other people to be serious about your dream.

  • Be open to feedback and be willing to adjust your methods, while safeguarding your vision.

  • Be sure to trust the effort, research, and benchmarking you have put in to create the vision and stand by it.

  • Q: Ask yourself why someone should believe in your dream. How can you gain the trust and respect of those who you are trusting to help you carry out your vision? What would it look like if every member of your team fully embraced your vision?

Sample Vision Statements

Champion Forum - To influence others to become Champions and help everyone reach their fullest potential in this life.

American Express – We work hard every day to make American Express the world’s most respected service brand.

Google – To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Application Activities

1. Write a vision statement for your team or organization. If you aren’t currently a leader over a team, write a vision statement for your life! Consider what you want your team, organization, or life to look like in five years. Ask yourself what qualities you need to have to make that vision come to life.

2. Look at your plan for implementing your vision. Are there any areas that you have not been reinforcing? Decide on how you can present those areas to your team members in a way that shows why their decisions impact the team’s ability to accomplish the vision.

3. How could a reward system help reinforce your vision? If you don’t have a reward system, consider something simple that could help you implement over the next few weeks. One simple way could be to just celebrate one team member every week who went above and beyond for the vision! If you already have a reward system, is it focused? Is it reinforcing the key skills and characteristics your team members need to have to accomplish the vision? Spend some time reflecting on its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

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