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Increase Your Sales With Creative Prospecting

Thank you for listening to The Champion Forum Podcast! Are you ready to maximize your earning potential? The first step is to evaluate your prospecting skills. Spoiler alert: To get new results, you must do things you’ve never done! Today, we’re talking about how to set yourself apart as a salesperson and generate more appointments than ever.

Four Ways To Differentiate Yourself As A Salesperson

  1. Personalize a video and send it to your decision-maker.

Sending a video as a direct message to a prospect on LinkedIn is an excellent way to get their attention! Get good at talking on video and create a great script! Make it custom to that person. Use their name and company. Research their needs and speak to how you can solve their problem. You can also send a video via email if they are not on LinkedIn, but I have had the most success on LinkedIn. That’s how I have landed guests for this podcast!

  1. Send a handwritten note!

If you’re thinking that no one does this, you’re right! That’s precisely why it will help you stand out. If you don’t have great handwriting or are concerned about writing dozens of letters, there are automated services online that can help!

  1. Utilize the circle of leverage.

Works for all levels of sales. Decision-making is made at higher levels than ever before. Those with the highest access can sell the most business. Gaining access the old way of showing value and reducing pricing isn’t effective anymore. As a sales professional, you must get creative to crack the door. The circle of leverage creates a buzz surrounding you and helps you gain that access. 

  1. Find your prospect.

  2. Find 3-5 people you think influence their buying decisions.

  3. Send a letter to the people surrounding your prospect and cc all the connections you identified in step two. Your email will create some internal buzz about your name and company. It will compel people to begin taking action, especially at the mid-level, and cause them to reach out proactively.

  1. Be creative!

The goal is not to be gimmicky or pushy. Your goal is to separate yourself from the sea of sameness. Creative risks can include using a punny email or sending a pitch to a prospect using creative packaging. Whatever you do, ensure you deliver significant value to your prospects and make the next step easy for them to agree to.

Resources Referenced

The New Strategic Selling by Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman

Application activities:

  1. Try out one of the prospecting strategies in this podcast with your next ten prospects. Find a strategy you feel comfortable executing that will allow you to highlight your product or service. Then, track your results. Do you get more appointments? More sales? How much time is it costing/saving? Decide for yourself if these creative approaches work for your business goals. I’m sure that at least one of them will!

  2. Consider where you can be creative in your business. How can you tweak your actions to create a more positive customer experience? Updating your strategies is an excellent opportunity to talk to your other employees and allow them to innovate some solutions. You can also use this as an opportunity to delegate a project to an aspiring leader on your team.

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