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State of Readiness

At some point, you will be presented with an opportunity. The question is: will you be ready? During this keynote, Jeff takes you through his journey from childhood poverty to elite leadership in the Fortune 500 space. Using both practical principles and personal insight, Jeff will challenge your team to determine if they are in the proper state of readiness. He will also provide three disciplines that will help anyone move from where they are to where they want to be. Your employees will be challenged to engage their current work and prepare for the future.

State of Readiness

State of Readiness

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Leading Without Authority

Is it possible to lead when you are not in charge? When you are not involved in the important meetings or conference calls, many would-be leaders give up and stop working toward their ultimate goals. If you want to prepare your team for future leadership opportunities and help them find their voice in their current position, this keynote is for you. During this talk, Jeff will take your team through four key principles that will enable them to carry great influence, even without the title.